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Different Types of Binding in School Diaries

Updated: Jun 23, 2023

As school administrators and principals, it is important to understand which binding suits best for your school. There are a few options available such as:

  1. Perfect Binding: Perfect binding involves gluing the pages of a book together along the spine using a strong adhesive. This is the most common type of binding for school diaries and almanacs.

  2. Center Pin: In center pin binding the school diary is stapled with two metal pins along the spine. It is suitable for diaries with 100 pages or less and is generally more affordable than perfect bound diaries.

  3. Hardbound: In hardbound diaries, a hardcase is made for the diaries in which the book block is fitted. Hardbound school diaries are the maximum possible quality for a school diary, but also cost on the higher side. They have high strength and won't tear easily.

  4. Wire-O Binding: Wire-o binding consists of metal loops that are inserted in the diary through punches in the book block. Wire-O binding is generally not recommended for school diaries as the pages may fall off easily.

  5. Softcover: A softcover diary consists of a PU/leatherite based cover instead of the normal paper-based cover. If a School is looking to give a premium product to the students, a softcover diary may be the right choice, as this option is new in the market and leaves a long lasting impression on the user. To know more about this item, please connect via mail or call.

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