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Common Graphic Design Errors in Printing

Updated: Jun 23, 2023

Here are some common graphic design mistakes that could cause issues during offset or digital printing:

  1. Low-resolution images: Using low-resolution images (less than 300 dpi) can result in pixelated or blurry images when printed.

  2. Incorrect color mode: Using the wrong color mode (such as RGB instead of CMYK) can result in unexpected color shifts when printed.

  3. Incorrect bleeds: Failing to add sufficient bleed (extra space around the edges of the design) can result in white edges around the final print. Learn more about bleed here.

  4. Using non-printable colors: Using colors that are not supported by the printing process (such as metallic colors or neon colors) can result in unexpected colors when printed.

  5. Using incorrect file formats: Using file formats that are not compatible with the printing process (such as JPEG or GIF instead of PDF) can result in issues during printing.

  6. Poor typography: Using inappropriate fonts or font sizes, incorrect line spacing or letter spacing, or excessive use of bold or italic text can result in poor readability and legibility when printed.

  7. Incorrect imposition: If you are doing the imposition yourself, always get it cross checked by the printer.

  8. Incorrect design size: Failing to create the design at the correct size for the final product can result in scaling issues or distorted images when printed.

Happy Printing!

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